Type Series : Getting Groups to Go Deeper with Type

vrijdag, 24 april, 2015 - 09:30
  • Getting Groups to Go Deeper with Type is designed to help you improve your effectiveness with groups and teams by:
  • Highlighting the usefulness of focusing on the Functions (S, N, T and F)
  • Through participation and reflection, appreciating the diversity of possible styles and approaches as seen through the Functions Lens
  • Illustrating ways to use existing resources, both paper and online, and methods for creating customized materials so as to improve clients’ learning and retention
  • Sharing tools and techniques for working with groups and teams that can be used immediately

Are you seeking simple but effective strategies to use with groups and teams to help them better understand type concepts? 

Do you want to learn from the experience of other professionals and increase the range of type tools in your professional arsenal? 

This workshop is designed to help you discover how the Functions can highlight differences and similarities in style and assist people in discovering best-fit type and in finding more effective and harmonious ways of working together. 

We will examine how increasing your own and your clients' awareness and appreciation of diversity can promote better relationships, greater work satisfaction and more conscious type development.

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