Masterclass with Damian Killen

International Masterclass: Seeing eye tot eye

Conflict is a part of life, day in and day out. Being better able to define it, manage it and resolve it would increase our effectiveness and quality of life both professionally and personally. In these economically and culturally trying times, we are seeing an increased level of conflict activity and a higher demand for effectiveness in dealing with it. Ironically, the heightened levels of stress accompanying these events are preventing just that.

This workshop offers a well-researched, clear and simple model that enables people to better understand their approach to conflict, the blind spots their approach naturally affords, and a mode of achieving clearer vision to navigate through the conflict. The sessions will blend experiential learning and input to explore these issues.
What you will get out of the workshop
 An opportunity to explore, demonstrate and understand the interplay of the last two preferences within an MBTI® profile and their impact on the how one experiences and manages conflict.
 A deeper understanding of our own preferences and our conflict management strategies.
 A model to navigate conflict more effectively
 An action plan to build on this learning