International masterclass MBTI & Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

vrijdag, 24 november, 2017 -
09:30 tot 17:00
ISVW Leusden

Claire Lustig-Rochet is a coach and consultant and has been practicing MBTI for 20 years. She is also a  specialist in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and has created a coaching approach using the AI principles to explore the resources of each of the functions of type dynamics. 

Claire has been also been running MBTI certification course or the last 7 years. 

In this workshop you will learn the basics about Appreciative Inquiry, practice the appreciative coaching questions  in pairs on your own type dynamics, and reflect on applying this to your own clients. Typically this questioning is best to be used once you have helped a client discover his/her own type, at the moment where people might be tempted to say « I know my type, so what ? ».  

This coaching approach helps clients uncover the real treasures of type, though a thorough exploration of high point moments in the dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions. 

The prerequisite in order to best benefit from the Masterclass is to be clear about your MBTI type, to know your type dynamics, and to be able to clarify it  for your clients. However you don’t need to be knowledgeable about all eight jungian functions.